5 Ways to be more eco-friendly with your wardrobe
Oct 11, 2021

5 Ways to be more eco-friendly with your wardrobe

Recently, green living has become a trendy lifestyle for helping to conserve the environment. One of the easiest ways of reducing consumption is by using alternative sustainable products such as using tumblers instead of plastic bottles. It is possible for you to make a positive impact by changing your wardrobe to be more environmentally friendly. 

Photo by Sarah Brown from Unsplash

Fashion standards today have become increasingly unsustainable. Make your wardrobe more environmentally friendly with these 5 tips. 

Fast fashion has negative impacts due to its massive annual carbon emissions to our environment. If you love clothes, you’re in luck! By changing your wardrobe, you can actually help the environment. Here's how to do it:

  1. Sort out your wardrobe

The first step in making your wardrobe more sustainable is by organizing it. In the process of organizing you will find a variety of items that will surprise you.  You will probably find pieces you haven't worn in years. Moreover, you might learn something new about styling something, and gain a sophisticated perspective, saving you from an unnecessary shopping spree.

  1. Give unwanted clothes a new home

Even if you keep your camo jacket forever, it won't ever be in style again - but it doesn't have to go to waste. Why not donate your unwanted clothes to a charity, homeless shelter or organize a clothes swap with your friends or colleagues? Let your neglected clothes find a new home! 

Maybe there are pieces in your closet that you will not wear again or that do not fit anymore, but you do not want to give them away. Consider listing your item for rent so not only do you get to keep the item, but you can also earn money from it. 

At Good Info Rent, they value sustainability as much as you do. You can list your treasured items and let good people nearby rent them. 

  1. Clean and repair clothes

It is not essential to get a new sweater to cover a damaged knee or elbow hole in your trousers. Did you know that a distressed look is a trend nowadays? and it looks great because it appears more worn and utilized. Also, there is nothing that a sewing kit cannot fix!

Aside from ripped problems, there are stubborn stains, too! But there are a lot of DIY tutorials on the internet that would help you solve that problem. Good thing, there are also DIYs that use sustainable products!

  1. Invest in sustainability

For example, avoid buying clothes that are made of synthetic fabrics. In addition to being man-made, synthetic fibers require a lot of resources to produce, making them a threat to the environment. Synthetic fabrics, such as polyesters, can cause rashes, skin irritation, etc. 

Nowadays, there are a lot of stores that offer sustainable clothes. Two of the best are For Days & Valani.  

Photo from For Days Instagram

A Los Angeles fashion brand, For Days, designs all of its products to be completely recyclable. Their products are made with the best sustainable materials and are designed for both men and women to wear. Moreover, For Days uses an eco-friendly shipping approach and recycles products in an environmentally friendly manner, ensuring that they are non-toxic and recyclable. 

They use recyclable packaging and offset their carbon footprint as part of their zero-waste philosophy. For Days also have a SWAP program, where you can recycle your clothes in a closed-loop system.

Photo from shopvalani Instagram

Another great sustainable fashion brand is Valani. It offers environmentally friendly clothing that emphasizes women's style while minimizing its impact on the environment. For its packaging, Valani uses a variety of renewable products, including straw, hemp, and jute, in order to be as environmentally friendly and minimal as possible. 

In addition to being eco-friendly, Valani donates 10% of its profit to organizations dedicated to empowering women, helping animals, and promoting environmental sustainability.

  1. Consider buying and renting secondhand clothing

You can develop sustainable spending habits by being more aware of how your money is being spent. Buying or renting secondhand items cut down your expenses. Score some good pieces by visiting some sustainable shops around Los Angeles, such as your local thrift stores.

Just like the saying goes, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure! You can find good-quality items at Good Info Rent, an online platform that lets you rent items that you need at the moment. You can rent here pieces that you need for a short amount of time. 

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