A Travel Guide: How can Renting cut down Travel Expenses?
Sep 10, 2021

A Travel Guide: How can Renting cut down Travel Expenses?

If you love to travel, then California is one of the places on your bucket list where you can also travel rent items. California is home to many attractions like Hollywood and the San Francisco Bay Area, as well as Redwood trees, national parks, beautiful beaches, and gorgeous mountains. 

In recent years, California has become one of the most popular travel locations worldwide thanks to the wide array of attractions and activities available. However many travelers find it out of their reach as the location is unaffordable and expensive.

Unless you are careful about how you spend your money, a visit to California can be quite expensive, but it is also possible to visit this wonderful state on a tight budget. 

The list below offers a variety of budget vacation options, from adventures at national parks to beach escapes and small-town getaways, and tips on how you can cut down extra dollars. 

The Best Places to Visit in California


One of the best places to visit during the fall in Sacramento. This city offers a rich history and culture as well as convenient dining, lodging, and a rich cultural scene. It is the perfect stop along the California route.

What to do in Sacramento:

  • Visit The California State Capitol Museum.

  • Go cycling at the American River Bike Trail. You may also consider hiking or horseback riding.

  • Visit the Jelly Belly Factory Tours.

  • See the Folsom Lake. There are several outdoor activities available here, including hiking, biking, horseback riding, boating, and waterskiing.


Located just two hours outside of Los Angeles, Big Bear is among the most affordable vacation spots in California. No matter the season, Big Bear and Big Bear Lake are amazing places to experience nature either in the summer or the winter.

What to do in Big Bear:

  • Visit Big Bear Alpine Zoo

  • Rent a kayak or take a boat ride in the lake. You can also do fishing.

  • Several hikes offer breathtaking views from the top, including the San Bernardino Mountains and Castle Rock trail.

  • During winter, you can Ski runs that are open for all levels.


Travelers looking to enjoy a beach vacation and find deals that fit their budget would do well to consider this destination. This small coastal town is in California.

What to do in Pismo Beach:

  • Visit the only public beach in California, Oceano Dunes.

  • Rent ATVs or ride dune buggies with your friends or families in Oceano Dunes.

  • Take a short stroll on Pismo Beach Pier and Promenade. 

  • Go for Wine tasting at Central Coast Wine County.

  • Take your kids to the Dinosaur Caves Park.


The charming city of Dana Point in Southern California is also known for being one of the best surfing spots in the country. Over the years, the city has captivated viewers of whales and dolphins and lovers of water sports.


What to do in Dana Point:

  • Visit Dana Point Harbor.

  • Visit Ocean Institute.

  • Parasail in Dana Point.


This city is located north of Malibu and is one of the cheapest in California. Located in southern California, it's a coastal community, just a few miles away from Channel Island also known as America’s Galapagos.

What to do in Oxnard:

  • Stroll around Channel Islands Harbor.

  • Tour the local farmer’s market.

  • Visit The Murphy Auto Museum.

  • Fly kites on Mandalay beach.

Essential Travel Items you can Rent

Spending less while traveling should not mean less enjoyment. If you plan well and manage your budget, you can have the best of both worlds. There are essential travel items that you can just rent at your destination. You don’t have to splurge by buying these items for a days’ worth of trip.

Check out these essential travel items that you can rent:


Of course, traveling won’t be complete without taking photos. We all know, however, that carrying a valuable item around all the time can be bothersome. Why not travel rent items? It’s easy to rent these items on Good Info Rent Marketplace.

Travel Gears 

Travel gears can take up so much space in luggage. Aside from storage issues, it can be expensive to buy gears only to be used occasionally. Wouldn't it be easier to rent gear once you reach your destination? You can do that on GoodInfoRequest simply by posting your requested travel gears!

Portable Hotspot Rental

TravelWifi offers Sapphire 2 Portable Hotspot which you can use while visiting anywhere in California. Now, you don’t have to spend a great deal of money on cellular data. Especially now that wireless connections have become an essential part of the new normal due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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